Cookie statement

Cookie statement

040taaldiensten uses cookies in order to allow the website to function properly. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device during your visit to the website of 040taaldiensten. Such a cookie stores information about the manner in which you use the website. Such a cookie also provides 040taaldiensten with the information that is necessary in order to allow the website to function properly. There are functional cookies, analytical cookies and tracking cookies. Below you can find an explanation for each category as to which cookies are collected on the website of 040taaldiensten, what I am using these cookies for and when these cookies expire. If I do not have your express consent, I will only place functional cookies and cookies to measure visitor statistics. Other cookies will only be placed after you have given your explicit consent.

Functional cookies/Necessary cookies
Functional cookies are necessary in order to allow the website to function properly. These cookies are placed by default, so that the website remembers certain information you have provided. This way, functional cookies can ensure that you can remain logged in during a visit to a website or that the browser remembers the language version you have chosen for the website. The website of 040taaldiensten contains the following functional cookies:

Name:Placed by:Retention period:Objective:
wpml_browser_redirect_ testServerSessionChecks whether the browser allows cookies.
_icl_current_languageServer1 yearCookie that is used to show the language setting.
_icl_visitor_lang_jsServer1 yearCookie that ensures that you automatically see the right language version.

Tracking cookies
Tracking cookies or third-party cookies are cookies that follow your online behaviour, and are placed to identify you and/or your use on one or several websites. These cookies often originate from external parties and influence your privacy. The use of tracking cookies allows 040taaldiensten to create a profile of your internet behaviour. This helps me to target advertisements more effectively, among other things. 040taaldiensten always needs your consent to use these cookies. 040taaldiensten does not use third-party cookies.
The website does show buttons to social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In order to have these buttons function, these social media companies place cookies so that they can recognise you when you are logged in on that social network. They also collect data about you this way. I refer to the privacy statements of these companies for more information about the data that social media companies collect. They may change on a regular basis.

Would you like more information?
You may always contact me if you would like to receive more information about the use of cookies. In addition, I refer to the privacy policies of the developers:


All cookies that are able to identify natural persons will be regarded as personal data. An IP address therefore constitutes personal data as well. That is why 040taaldiensten can only place these cookies with your consent. Upon your first visit to the website you will see a cookie notice in which your consent is requested. You must explicitly state whether or not you agree to the placing of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy (opt-in). Naturally, you may also withdraw your consent (opt-out). In that case, you must first remove the cookies that have been placed. Upon your next visit to the website you can subsequently refuse the approval of the cookies. You may also choose to block the placing of cookies via (the settings of) your browser. Please consult your browser’s help function for this purpose if necessary. This way, you immediately block the cookies of other websites that you visit. Please note that if all cookies are blocked, the website may not function as well. It is therefore possible that a few functions of the website are lost.

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040taaldiensten reserves the right to adjust this cookie statement. Changes will be published on this website.