Business clients

For the translation of your business documents and legal documents.

Astrid Amels - Zakelijke klanten

Business clients

I started my career as a translator in the year 2000 at a reputable firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries, and even today most of my clients are lawyers and civil-law notaries. For them I translate mostly employment contracts, court documents, notarial deeds, contracts, correspondence, general terms and conditions, pension texts and summonses. In addition, I can help business clients with the translation of all kinds of other texts as well. I translate both from Dutch into English and from English into Dutch and I also provide sworn translations in these language combinations.

I believe in providing added value to my clients, because as a translator I generally read the text that needs to be translated more closely and in-depth than the person who wrote it. That is why I ask questions about the source text if things are unclear, and I inform the client if the source text contains mistakes, if things do not make sense or if a sentence does not run smoothly. As a result, you receive an improved source text in addition to a good translation!

I work accurately and fast, and I contribute ideas when necessary. I work together with experienced and reliable colleagues for the translation of texts on subjects that I do not or not sufficiently specialise in.

Please contact me if you would like to receive a quotation for the translation of your text, and send it to me (preferably in Word) together with your company details and an indication of the desired delivery date of the translation. I will send you my quotation via e-mail as soon as possible.

Specialist areas


Notarial deeds

General terms and conditions


Court documents